Expedition zone

Expedition zone

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  • Discover the ins and outs of scientific and technological influences on your daily life!

    There is plenty to discover in the expedition zone. Travel through the worlds of Health, Nutrition, Homes, Jobs and Learning. Bizarre fun facts and spectacular experiences will change your outlook on yourself and the world you’re living in.

    Look underneath your own skin, compete against a robot or prep your brain for the second half of the 21st century… The expedition zone is an outlook on the future wherein science and technology play an increasingly big role. Are you up to the challenge of finding your own way through this world of possibilities?

    Highlights of the Expedition Zone

    Expedition zone

    How smart do you live?

    Where do you want to live later?

    In a reusable home you can move around or a smart home that talks to you? In the future, you’ll build your house yourself – but how? It has to be solid, have running water, and be connected to an energy source for heating. And, ideally, it should be sustainable. If you’re going to build an entire neighbourhood, there’s even more to consider. Get building in the Expedition Zone!

    Expedition zone

    What do you do with your time?

    What job do you want to do later? Perhaps become a vlogger, lorry driver, or a do a job that doesn’t exist yet?

    This all depends on your talents and what you want to study or learn. Finding out what you want and can do is a big task. Robots might start doing our work for us… So what will you do? You might want to spend all your time on your hobby, or make a living out of it. It’s your life – you’re in control. What do you do with your time? Plan your route in the Expedition Zone!

    Expedition zone

    What are you going to eat?

    You eat every day. You need food to survive.

    Your food contains building blocks for your body and fuels for energy. Are you getting all the nutrients you need? What does your food consist of and where does it come from? There’s a lot of discussion about the future of our food supply – will we have enough food for everyone? Are we going to eat insects? Will we grow meat in labs? Or should we grow food on the moon? Investigate in the Expedition Zone.

    Expedition zone

    Apply the future!

    A robot who tidies away your shoes? The Internet in your shirt, taking health readings? Cars with solar panels?

    All these ideas appear to be science fiction, but technology and energy are part of our everyday lives today. We’re also becoming more and more accepting of robots. They’re taking over difficult or dangerous work from people, and they also look more and more like real people. New techniques, technologies, and materials are making our lives a little easier.

    Expedition zone

    Eternal life

    Your body is a miraculous machine. Come find out what you look like on the inside and what’s going on in there.

    If something in your body isn’t working properly, you could get sick. Science and technology help us to detect and heal sick cells, replace organs, perform remote surgery, and look at your insides. The secrets of the human body are hidden in a code: ‘DNA’. If we are able to crack it… Who knows what might be possible! Maybe eternal life…

    Expedition zone

    Discover your talent!

    Are you ready for the challenges of the future?

    Some 21st-century skills will help you take them on. Learn to think like a computer, challenge your brain creatively, learn to collaborate with others, and be critical. Learn to communicate, recognize fake news, and how to solve problems. The world would be a much better place if everyone was well prepared! What are you good at now and what can you improve? Find out in the Expedition Zone. Discover your talent!