Treasury Discovery Museum

Treasury Discovery Museum

As a museum, Discovery Museum attaches a great deal of importance to its own collection. Discovery Museum’s collection is comprised of five subcollections:

  • Steam engines & motors
  • Household technology
  • Coal mining
  • Maastricht ceramics & porcelain
  • Maastricht glass & crystal

Much of the collection can be permanently admired in Discovery Museum’s Treasure Trove.

Donating objects

The basic premise of Discovery Museum’s collection policy is that any new object must clearly enhance the existing collection. The museum’s aim is not to have the largest possible collection, but rather a high-quality museum collection of great cultural and historical value and visual merit.
If you have an object in your possession that you would like to gift to Discovery Museum, please get in touch with one of the staff members in the Collection & Heritage department or via Alternatively, call 045 5676019. However, the object must fit into one of Discovery Museum’s subcollections.
To determine whether the object has added value for the Discovery Museum collection, it is helpful if, in addition to one or more photos, you can provide us with as much information as possible about the object – such as year it was made, dimensions, origin, maker, etc.


Discovery Museum regularly lends its cooperation to projects at other museums. One of the ways it does this is through short and long-term loans of its objects. By making objects available on loan, Discovery Museum hopes to achieve maximum visibility for the museum’s collection. Enquiries are dealt with after receiving a written request addressed to Collection & Heritage, via
Send the enquiry at least eight weeks before the start of the loan and include the following information:


Name and address of the institution making the enquiry

Contact person (name, position, telephone, postal address, e-mail)

Reason for the loan request

Exhibition and project period

Exhibition and project name

Location of the exhibition and project

List of requested objects and object numbers

Recent facility report


Discovery Museum applies the rule that objects will be loaned to registered museums free of charge. Non-registered museums and private individuals will be asked to pay a loan fee to borrow objects. The fees are listed below. We request a fee for drawing up condition reports and packaging the objects. Transport and insurance costs for the objects while in transit and at the loan location are payable by the borrowing institution.


Basic fee ≤ 5 objects €50.00

6 – 10 objects €70.00

11 – 15 objects €90.00

16 – 20 objects €110.00

21 – 25 objects €130.00

> 25 objects Prices separately agreed

Limburg Heritage

Discovery Museum collaborates with other Limburg heritage organizations as part of Coöperatie Erfgoed Limburg. Want to know more about Limburg’s heritage? Ask your question via the Service Point: they will make sure your question is passed on to the appropriate organization.