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Discovery Museum brings the importance of knowledge about the earth, design, science, and technology to the attention of a wide audience. The technicians, scientists and designers of tomorrow are being created on Museumplein in Kerkrade. We make complex subjects understandable, engaging a broad public. We do this through interactive exhibitions and films, side programmes, and educational programmes that place the participant centre stage – not just at Discovery Museum, but in other locations such as schools and businesses.

Thanks to the support of private individuals, businesses and funds, we are able to develop new activities and programmes. In this way, we contribute to a self-sufficient society and stimulate the creative thinkers, doers, and makers of the future to develop talents that will equip them to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Discovery Museum is among the top 30 most-visited museums in the Netherlands and has the highest number of visitors and participants in the southern Netherlands. We have now been visited by almost 1.5 million people and around 30% of all primary school pupils in Limburg take part in one of our educational programmes every year. These figures are testament to our success, and the direct way in which we help to popularize science and technology.

A partnership with Discovery Museum is an opportunity to embrace corporate social responsibility in a creative, tangible way. Together, we create opportunities and options for a new generation. Plus: it gives you exposure and other benefits for your business.

Special donations


If you are a private individual and would like to make a donation, you can make a one-off or occasional donation, or donate regularly. You can also donate to a specific Discovery Museum project that interests you. Your contribution helps make possible our exhibitions, educational projects, public programmes, and more.


Discovery Museum wants to involve everyone in the collective task of making the world a better place by providing, in an accessible and informative way, an insight into how the world works in terms of science and technology.

The support of private individuals, funds, and businesses is what enables us to create new and relevant exhibitions and programmes. There are a number of ways to contribute. Want to know more, or talk to us in person? Get in touch!