From 1 January 2008 Discovery Museum has been registered with the national tax authorities as an Institution for Public Advancement (Du. ANBI). An institution can only qualify for ANBI status when at least 90% of its activities are aimed at public advancement. In 2012 the Discovery Museum Foundation acquired the status as a cultural ANBI. In order to qualify for the cultural ANBI status at least 90% of an institution’s activities must be of a cultural nature. Since 2012 those who support ANBI institutions have enjoyed additional advantages as their gifts are tax deductible.

We publish the required data below as they apply in accordance with the new conditions for ANBI institutions as from 1 January 2014:


Stichting Discovery Museum (foundation)
Fiscal number 8015.72.083


Stichting Discovery Museum (foundation)
Museumplein 2
NL-6461 MA Kerkrade
Postbus 164
NL-6460 AD Kerkrade
Telephone number: +31 (0)45 567 08 09


Discovery Museum wants to involve its visitors in its endeavour to make the earth a better place. The museum provides insights in the way the world functions with respect to science and technology in an accessible and educational way. The insights gained and the connections made between past, present and future will change the visitors’ way of thinking and how they see the world. Discovery Museum wants to convey knowledge, skills and inspiration to its visitors to enable them to make their own contribution to a change for the better.

Besides, Discovery Museum envisages to be a knowledge centre for matters concerning the earth, science, technology and design in combination with related institutions and man. The museum’s activities focus on reflection and debate to further improve the harmony between man, nature and society.


The Dicovery Museum Foundation is chaired by Ing. J.H.M. Gubbels.

The Supervisory Board consists of the following persons:

  • Drs. C.G.M. van Kemenade MBA, chairman
  • Drs. A.G.L. Palmen, CFA, member of the audit committee
  • Drs. P.M.G. Prickaerts, member of the audit committee
  • Ir. A. van der Poel, board member
  • Mrs. M.H.J.F. Reuver, board member


Remuneration and working conditions of the board members are determined by the Supervisory Board, in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. The staff is remunerated in accordance with the wage rates determined by collective bargaining agreements for the relevant sector (CAO Welzijn & Maatschappelijke Dienstverlening). For the most recent visit