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Innovation Gallery

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  • Innovation gallery: an endless cycle

    From April 2022, the Discovery Museum’s Innovation gallery is dedicated to circular innovations. In this exhibition, you will see twelve innovative, circular projects that offer a response to questions big and small about how to continually reuse all raw materials and components so that they never lose their value. There is no waste in a circular system, because each component serves a purpose, everything is degradable, and no materials are lost. The public chose these projects from 22 submissions.


    Help us add to our collection!

    A number of projects, concepts or products that are now on show in the Innovation gallery are in with a chance of being permanently added to our new ‘Limburg Innovations’ subcollection. The new ‘Limburg Innovations’ subcollection chiefly showcases innovations from all periods with a Limburg twist.

    We are amassing part of this new collection with the public’s help, as we are keen to show you everything that is conceived and made in our province. You can help us put together the collection by voting for your favourite product, project or concept from the Innovation gallery. Your vote will help decide which innovations will gain a place in our new, permanent subcollection, ‘Limburg Innovations.’

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