Innovation Gallery: Circularity

Innovation Gallery: Circularity

New edition of the Innovation Gallery with circular innovations

The Innovation Gallery focuses on a new theme every six months. When we think of innovations, we often think of new inventions, but this is not the only meaning of the word. Literally, the word innovation means renewing. So when we improve an existing product, this can also be an innovation. Design and innovations are often influenced by trends, ideologies, or desires. Sometimes designers or artists come up with innovations and sometimes these come from society or science.

In the Innovation Gallery, we show projects that provide a possible answer to large and small issues that we face. Creativity and human ingenuity are central to this. Sometimes innovations are groundbreaking or offer a new perspective, but in the Innovation Gallery the starting point is the needs of people and society.

From April to September 2022, the Innovation Gallery will focus on the topic of circular innovations. We will show innovative, circular projects that contribute to solving crucial issues for people and society. Issues especially in the field of sustainability, materials and climate. These projects and initiatives must be developed in the Province of Limburg or the Meuse/Rhine Euregion (Belgian and German border region).

Call: submit your circular concept, product, innovation, or service!

Discovery Museum invites (student) designers, creative professionals, design studios and companies from Limburg and the Euregion to submit circular concepts, products, innovations, projects or services to be included in the temporary exhibition circular design in the Innovation Gallery. From the submissions Discovery Museum will make a pre-selection. This preselection is then presented to the public online. The public is given the opportunity to vote for their preferred designs. The twelve submissions with the most votes will be included in the temporary presentation in the Innovation Gallery.

Do you want your circular design, product, innovation or service to have a chance to participate in this temporary exhibition?

Then register via the registration form below. You can register until the end of December 2021.


Criteria and terms of participation

Criteria for participation in Innovation Gallery Circular (unfold)

To be able to submit a design/project/product, Discovery Museum uses the following criteria:

  • The entry is maximum 3 years old.
  • Any entrant established or working in the province of Limburg or the Euregio Maas/Rhine can participate. Entries from outside these regions are excluded.
  • The entry concerns a circular design/project/product. A circular design contributes to keeping the value of a product high for as long as possible to prevent value destruction. Value destruction can be seen as the destruction of the user value, the materials and parts, and the economic value. A circular design takes this into account in the design and development phase and prevents this value destruction or reduction by closing the loops in the value chain.
  • The submitted design/product/project does not have to be finished yet and will have to be in one of the following phases of development: a concept, a prototype, or a final product.
  • Irrespective of the phase in which the product/project finds itself, it will in any case have to be presentable at a museum. This can be in the form of an object or part thereof (e.g. material sample). A digital presentation is possible, provided it can convey the project well enough.

Discovery Museum will make a pre-selection of the entries based on these criteria. It may be that Discovery Museum contacts the submitter to request further details of the entry. This pre-selection is then presented to the public online. Online the public is given the opportunity to vote for their preferred designs. The twelve designs with the most public votes will be included in the exhibition and exhibited from 15 April 2022 to 17 October 2022. During the duration of the exhibition visitors of Discovery Museum can vote for the most appealing designs/products/projects. A selection with the most votes will, if possible, be purchased and included in the permanent collection of Discovery Museum.

Conditions of participation (unfold)

  • Of the entries that are included in the pre-selection, a short promotional video of 30 seconds will be made together with the applicant. There are no costs billed for the video. The video will be recorded in consultation with the submitter on location or at the Discovery Museum.
  • No fee is provided for participation in the exhibition. Any transport costs from the object to the Discovery Museum and back will be reimbursed.
  • The design will be on loan to Discovery Museum for the duration of the project. For this purpose a loan agreement is drawn up between the designer/organisation and Discovery Museum.
  • Depending on possible requirements of the designer for the exhibition of the object which cannot be met by Discovery Museum, Discovery Museum reserves the right, despite pre-selection and selection by the public, to refrain from the final exhibition of the design/object/project.
  • For each object a description is made. The basis of this is the project description given with the submission. Discovery Museum will editorially take care of the final text, which will be submitted for approval before publication.
  • There will be no correspondence about the selection of the entries.